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Using LPMS and CAMS for Emergency Preparedness and Audits

LPMS case/incident management and CAMS audit applications are excellent and flexible tools if your company experiences property damage or work interruptions due to natural disasters or the recent civil unrest. This information is not specific to current events; it can be used and reviewed to ensure your teams are prepared for future emergencies.

Use the contact us form or ask your client services representative for access to any document listed below.

1. Business Interruptions. A document is available to give you a list of fields that can be used in creating a record to report on property damage, injury, or business interruption.

2. Emergency Preparation Audit. This new document lists sample questions that can be used to create your audit. This could also be used on an annual basis to ensure your managers are prepared for emergency situations.

3. Items. We have created a document to make it easier for you to add several items into the merchandise table for damages or theft. This is available from Client Services exclusively for netTrack customers.

4. Smart Alerts. Set up smart alerts to notify company or local leadership of any critical incidents.

5. Message of the Day. Use the message of the day feature to relay important messages to your team. This could include reminders of new processes, reinforce corporate communications about your company’s response, or any other pertinent information.

Appriss Retail’s LPMS and CAMS applications are ready to help clients address emergency preparedness and offer users a complete case and audit management solution.

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Denice Escate, Director of Client Services, Appriss Retail

Denice Escate is the senior director of client services at Appriss Retail and a valued resource for many Tier-1 and Tier-2 retailers. Her software knowledge is enhanced by a long history in retail management, training, audit, and business intelligence reporting. Denice is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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